Bill Gates International School

Under British Council

BILL GATES International School The Only Full English Medium School In Malibagh
Khilgaon Area From Play Group To 'O' &'A' Level.

Syllabus Followed :

BILL GATES International School is committed to enabling children to discover their inherent potential and to provide support for it to flourish.
BILL GATES International School is committed to equipping children with the necessary mix of knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes to excel in the global arena
Our vision is to create a sense of purpose in this rapidly changing world both within and outside our country by providing opportunities of global education for all learners to meet the future with confidence, being well-informed, responsible, skilled, critical in thinking, disciplined, creative and productive globally. These global citizens would contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of the country making life comfortable and peaceful for all fellow human beings as a whole. An international educational experience transcends the intellectual and social horizons. It enables, encourages and empowers students of multicultural backgrounds to discover and develop their intellectual, physical and creative potential. It inculcates high self-esteem and nurtures respect for themselves and others while developing a sense of self-discipline and motivating the students to offer their personal best at all times in terms of promoting cross-cultural understanding, global awareness, open mindedness and tolerance of differing points of view.

We believe that:

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